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Wae Rebo Village

One tourist destinations that you must visit when you are on vacation in Flores is Wae Rebo Village. There are various uniqueness on this tourist destination, one of which is that the village is located in Flores Mountain and only one village alone in this place. Another uniqueness of this village is located on the shape of the building of his house. The houses in the Wae Rebo village all in cone-shaped with a semicircular entrance. The traditional house of Wae Rebo Village residents known as Mbaru Niang. In addition you will also be presented with the friendliness of Wae Rebo villagers. Such a great natural attractions and stunning in the context of natural traditional houses, cultural and social life. You can visit Wae Rebo Village, by planning your vacation with Komodo Boat Trip. This travel agency in Flores will help escort you to many beautiful places for you to see, from Wae Rebo Village, Labuan Bajo, Komodo Island, and many more.

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